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A Q&A for the rebellion

A Prudent Question is One Half of Wisdom.

While an all-in-one web design solution is not a new approach, it’s also not a very common offering amongst design and marketing agencies. Because of that, there are a variety of frequently asked questions that need to be answered about the service before your company can make an informed decision.

Our FAQ is a great place to start. It offers answers to our most commonly asked (and answered) questions. If you would like more information/advice, then please look through the articles on our blog.

The Basics

The project price is meant to be all inclusive, providing all the strategy, design, and development that goes into creating a high quality website for the first two years of your business.

The monthly price also includes regular website maintenance in the form of hosting, website updates, backups, basic security, and uptime monitoring.

When it all shakes out and the prices of these individual services are calculated over the span of 24 months, yes, there is a savings of several hundred dollars. 

The price of the project, though, still ends up being several thousand dollars over the payment period of two years. A quality website is an investment, and we know that you get what you pay for.

At the end of the 24 month period, or when the full project price has been paid, yes, the website is fully owned by you. You are not required to keep the site hosted with us beyond the project term, although, we’d love to have you stick around.

Money Stuff

We will generate an invoice between the 1st and the 5th of each month for that month’s payment. You are required to keep a valid credit card on file with us that we can use to process the monthly charge.

At the end of the 24 month payment cycle (or when the project price is fully paid off), the site will be converted to a basic monthly hosting and maintenance plan.

Alternately, if your company revisit the design of the website, we can re-up the contract and enter the project lifecycle again. 

No. If you don’t want to owe money, we are more than happy to have you pay off the project price early.

No. As long as the project payments are made on time each month, we do not charge any interest on the overall project price.

New Content and Editing the Website

Absolutely. When the site is launched we will set you up with editorial privileges, which will allow you to add pages, delete pages, and modify existing content.  

Absolutely. We just need to have a short discussion about the edits you want made, and we will provide a quote for what it will take to make the changes to the site.

Hosting and Maintenance

We include monthly updates to the core WordPress system the website is built on, updates to the page builder used to construct the pages, as well as any plug-ins the website employs.

In addition to the monthly updates, we also provide a monthly back up of the entire website (including the database), which is stored independently from the website. 

We also provide basic security monitoring and uptime monitoring of the website.

If the website is still being paid off on a monthly basis, then yes. It is a requirement to use our hosting until the entire project price is paid.

Ready to Strike the Match?

Starting to like what you see? An all-in-one web design solution allows you to stop worrying about your online presence and lets you get back to what you’re good at — running your business.